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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Audience, Audience, Audience

When you want your site to persuade visitors to buy your product or service, don't think about what you want to tell them. Think about what they want to hear. That's the key to writing content that will spark the interest of people who click into your world of goods or services.

The realtor's catch phrase has always been "location, location, location."

For us, as writers trying to persuade a world of people to sign up, the catch phrase is "audience, audience, audience." A writer's failure to recognize this crucial step in the communiccations process is perhaps THE most common lacking in attempts to capture a reader's interest.

Begin by enlisting the help of a friend or co-worker. Sit down with them and ask them to bring up your Web site. Brief them on your purpose and audience, then ask them to play the part of a visitor. Ask them what they want? Ask them what benefits they are looking for? Do they have a central issue or problem that they want your product or service to solve? Can they navigate the site easily? Is there a "buy" or "order" link on every page -- above the fold?

One effective way to measure how well you are playing to your audience is to perform a simple "we versus you" analysis. First search your content for "you," then again for "we" and "our." You should always have twice as many "you" or "your." Look at the following example, written for the American Bronze Foundry in Orlando, FL. Sixteen "you" or "your" and four "we" and two "us."

Watch Your Sculpture Come to Life in Beautiful Bronze

You have a vision…a vision that you want recreated exactly as you created it. And at an affordable price from a creative organization that listens to exactly what you want.

At American Bronze Fine Art Foundry, we base our total approach on giving you just that – your vision faithfully rendered exactly the way you want it rendered, be it a sculpture for you, the artist, or for a private business or government entity. Not a similar version. Not something close or approximate, but an exact finished piece of beautiful art in a bronze sculpture that will live on year after year.

To do that, we bring the skills of highly qualified bronze specialists with 15 years experience in the business of blending art and craft to create stunning bronze sculptures that capture the eye and the imagination. These same specialists will carry out a tested, highly refined process that bears your stamp from start to finish.

You can count on that because we invite you to take part in the process every step of the way. Take a moment and visit our Past Projects page for the visual proof of beauty created by artist and foundry working in harmony.

If you can imagine it, or if you have an existing design in mind, we can bring it to life in bronze, silver, or other precious metal. Call today so we can share ideas on how to make your sculpture or statue a reality.

Never forget: it doesn't take much for a visitor to click away in frustration. Too much flash, too much flair? Too hard to navigate? Don't be afraid to make your site simple, compelling, and easy to understand. Don't let the intoxicating world of glamour technology lure you into creating complicated pages that only confound or confuse visitors.

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